Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Divisible at Bordello, 12/10/08

Robust and earthy,
But with delicacy that
Shola does quite well!

Ryan Adams and Oasis at the Staples Center, 12/4/08

Ryan Adams

Comically large amp
Morphed his lame new tracks into
Earnest power pop.


Fifth grade me couldn't
Stifle her disappointment
Sigh.... fallen from grace.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jonathan Richman at the El Rey, 12/3/08

There are few people 
In this world that I love half
As much as this man. 

Yeasayer at the Troubadour, 11/23/08

They are road-weary
But the year's experience
Worked wonders for them!

El Guincho at The Echo, 11/20/08

A conga line brought
A smile to the band, token
Of our gratitude.

Beck at Club Nokia, 11/10/08

The man's got style, true
But style is wasted on a 
Wasted, sweaty crowd.