Thursday, September 30, 2010

Young Hunting, Ex-Detectives, and The Black Apples at the Echo Curio, 9/29/10


Of thoughtful doubt with weight in
All the right places

Young Hunting

A true, lush pleasure
To watch them unfold and stretch
Into blue anthems.

The Black Apples

Reckless abandon
Stimulates X chromosomes
Most salaciously.

Sun Araw and Oneotrix Point Never at the Echo, 9/28/10

Sun Araw

Their tropical blues
Infused with a splash of the
Euro dance shimmy

Oneotrix Point Never

Say the night sky gave
Each star a voice and reason
To argue their point.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nite Jewel with Teen Inc. and Heart-Shaped Rock at the Troubadour, 9/02/10

Heart-Shaped Rock

Goth Cyndi Lauper
Fronting Depeche Mode during
R.E.M.'s nineties

Teen Inc.

Their creation seems other-
Worldly, brilliant.

Nite Jewel

The crystal clean of
Song craft fought its way through the
Muddied old sound board.

SFVacid at the Weltenbuerger Art Space, 8/27/10

Like a sporting event, with each
Point scored to the beat.