Monday, July 6, 2009

Bill Callahan at the Troubadour, 7/1/09

We know he's aching,
But something in his sorrow...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunset Rubdown with Elfin Saddle at the Echoplex, 6/23/09

Elfin Saddle

Deerhoof with a strong
Classical upbringing and
Stage props galore, too!

Sunset Rubdown

So distinctive his
Voice that his lyrics are great,
Yet secondary

Grizzly Bear with Here We Go Magic at the Troubadour, 6/20/09

Here We Go Magic

More Akron/Fambly
This time around, and bass lines
Rather prominent!

Grizzly Bear

I worship the stage
That these four humble angels
Grace with their presence

Shellac with Arcwelder at the Echoplex, 6/20/09


Mission of Burma
With a Meat Puppets flavor
Really fucking good. 


By far, my favorite
Tragic attempted mosh pit. 
Made douche history!

Grizzly Bear with Here We Go Magic at the Wiltern, 6/19/09

Here We Go Magic

David Byrne fronting
The Akron/Family with
Sexy lady bass. 

Grizzly Bear

The sheer perfection
Defies the laws of my strict
Seventeen syllables. 

Yeah, that's right. Broke form. They drive me to madness. 

Nite Jewel at the Detroit Bar, 6/15/09

Showed the rest of those
Yahoos what was what, beats wise
and got me dancin'