Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yellow Magic Orchestra with Yoko Ono at The Hollywood Bowl, 6/26/11


Flawless, they are,
In each imaginable way,
Especially there.

Yoko Ono

Epic, fearless, and
Above all, charming, she asked
of us only love.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bill Callahan at The Troubadour, 6/16/11

Photo courtesy of Ms. Stevie Raya

His monopoly
On placing words perfectly
Renders haikus trite.

Psychic Reality and Sex Worker at Where's Yr Child NYC, 6/3/11

Psychic Reality

Soulful, sensual,
She brought perhaps the hardest
Dance groove of the night.

Sex Worker

Oozing with pain and
Candid emotion, his was
An arrow heart-bound.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sun Araw and Matthewdavid at 285 Kent St, Brooklyn, 6/5/11


When he finds his sweet
Spot, the result arrests me
And demands movement.

Sun Araw

Coiled tightly around
A central notion of thick,
Serious grooving.

La Big Vic with Future Shuttle at The Kave Cafe (Vibes Mgmt HQ) in Bushwick, NYC, 6/4/11

Future Shuttle

Jellyfish tunes from
Unorthodox instruments
In campfire circles.

La Big Vic

One of those upper-
Echelon bands that warrant
More syllables' praise:

I'm thrilled to have seen this band play. Their aural scope is interesting in a completely inviting way and I plan on listening to the hell out of that record this summer.

The Undertones with Exploding Flowers and The Sweater Girls at The Echoplex, 6/2/11

Exploding Flowers

Familiar like
A fantasy jukebox in
A time-travel dream.

The Sweater Girls

Perhaps put best by
A bathroom goer: "Well, this
Is funny music..."

The Undertones

So abundant,
Their excellence and fervor,
Like 5 shows in one.