Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pocahaunted, James Ferraro and Mark McGuire at the Smell, 12/12/09

Mark McGuire

A patience with his
Craft that belied his youth, yet
Fostered youthful vim.


Picking up stride and
Laden with swagger within
The Smell's homey space

James Ferraro

Shady underhand
Maneuvers caused awe and brief
Hypnosis... well played!


Shawn said...

Why didn't you tell me that Elvis of Elvis Perkins in Dearland is the son of Anthony Perkins! And now they've already come through and I missed them!

Were they good live? I thought they were on your to-see list but I don't see a haiku.

Shawn said...

Oh nevermind I found the haiku with the search button. Yeah yeah yeah, you just type in what you want and the tubes and wires twirl and light up...

"Off-kilter on-stage
Set-up broke down all reserves
Toward the new record."

Please extrapolate. You can respond in haiku, if to ask otherwise would be a disservice to the integrity of this project.

Christina Gubalalalala said...

First of all, that is far and away one of my favorite haikus that I have written.
Second of all, I fell madly in love with Ash Wednesday, his 2007 venture, and the subsequent All the Night Without Love single that followed. If you listen to either of those two records, you'll hear the pain endured between the death of his famous father and his famous mother (to AIDS and the 9/11 terror attacks, respectively). Where do you go once you have opened your veins and bled out onto the proverbial sheet of music? Elvis opted to create Elvis Perkins in Dearland, a less straightforward look at intense yet subconscious pain. It's very New Orleansian, and they had been on tour with the Cold War Kids (I'm not a fan of those cats), and I can hear their influence, much to my dismay.
All that being said, when I saw them live, they had a most unorthodox assemblage on stage that allowed each of their kitschy instruments to steal the limelight at any given moment. This transformed a lot of the new songs into narrative productions, an element that I had, until that point, missed from the most recent record. I was allowed a window through which I could crawl back into his world... the door had been wide open on the first record so I expected easier access.
That's what I meant by the haiku. I like Elvis Perkins A LOT.

Shawn said...

Ugggh. I missed out.

They even played two days and I was all 'who the fuck are these guys?' And then I was reading an Anthony Perkins biography and it clicked.

Speaking of New Orleans music, I've been listening to Professor Longhair recently. How good is 'Tipitina...tra la la la..woah la-laghawahhh..tra la la ah..Tipitina...oona molla wolla dolla...trama-tra-la-la.'


Christina Gubalalalala said...

Completely. I think Professor Longhair is still listed as my hero on MySpace.