Monday, June 14, 2010

Run DMT, Foot Village, Sun Araw and Blissed Out at Landslide, 6/11/10

In the interest of full disclosure, these haikus are going to be admittedly less astute and critical than the typical post on this site. I was working the door for this show, thereby quashing any impartiality I could have otherwise employed in their composition. Also, from where I was sitting, I was only able to take in peripheral versions of each set. That being said, this was one of the most enchanting settings I have ever seen, and I couldn't have asked for better, sweeter, more appreciative bands with whom to spend the evening. Thanks to everyone involved in making the Landslide what it is, and without any further ado -


His set was drawn from
The setting, deferential
And bright, curious

Sun Araw

With every outing,
They've grown, sanguine and dauntless,
Really fucking good.

Blissed Out

The lunacy of
American pop employed
As detritus, well!

Foot Village

Modern tribal ode
To the open sky above!
We, villagers all.