Monday, August 9, 2010

Nails and Black Breath at Vacation Vinyl, 8/9/10


Vibrant and alive,
Their furious exub'rance
Lit a fire in me.

Black Breath

So proficient in
Their craft that it brought to mind
A victory lap!

I'd like to talk a moment about my evening watching Nails. I laud them not to discount Black Breath (who were phenomenal and consummately professional), but to put a fine point on just how moved I was by their set. It is exciting to see them manifest just how much of a shit they give through their vivacious, precise performance. Youth oozed from them, not in a self-centered, narcissistic manner, but rather in the form of unbridled passion. They were LOUD, they were ANGRY, they were CERTAIN, they were OPTIMISTIC, and they were quite good at playing their instruments. I was reminded what it felt like to fight back a little, "against the grain" even, and I really hope they keep spreading this gospel.


Greg Katz said...

not sure how i feel about this deviation from format

Christina Gubalalalala said...

It happens sometimes, I guess :)