Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Echo Curio has recently been the target of some rather shitty treatment at the hand of the local law enforcement. Laws are laws, yes, but we need to update laws to accommodate a changing society, and this is your opportunity to do so if you are willing! The Curio has been a source of kindness, creativity, open-mindedness and sanity during an era of ongoing erosion of these values in every day life. Los Angeles' artists living on the cusp of the poverty line, working soul-sucking day jobs and being told they are lucky to work them need SOMETHING, something other than the vapid and over-advertised Clear Channel/Live Nation/Goldenvoice/major label BULLSHIT that America has succumbed to as a poor excuse for artistic expression. The Curio provided the something, the antidote, and it's our responsibility to appreciate them for it. If the words on this blog or those like it have ever moved you, or if you care for poetry and music and art and for wandering off the beaten path in the cloister of your neighborhood among good people with earnest artistic intentions, give Eric Garcetti (city councilman) a call at 323-957-4500, or drop him a line at Please spread the word... we can't let the seeds of brilliance languish in the bankrupt soil of Los Angeles.

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With love, ire, passion and respect,

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