Monday, September 7, 2009

The F*ck Yeah Fest at the LA State Historic Park, 9/5/09

The Fuck Yeah Fest

Line up devised by
compiling random people's
Descriptions of punk.

Mika Miko

God grant me just one
Conversation that warrants
Phone yelling like so.

Times New Viking

This band does not give
Two shits for musical keys
nor those who notice.

The Thermals

Teenage furor and
Snarky vocals soar with such
Meaning, one believes!

Lightning Bolt

Their sweatshirt hoods were
Space suit helmets, offering
Shield from their art's force.

The Strange Boys

Fusion jazz stood back
To allow their guitarist
Ample space to rage.

Fucked Up

Now, to see why Fox News picked
Him as punk's spokesman.

Tim & Eric (Pusswhip Banggang)

I pitied the souls
Not yet indoctrinated...
All jokes were inside.

No Age

Playing to the home
Crowd, they could have played white noise
And be hailed as gods.

The Black Lips

Their filthiness made
My southern roots swell with pride...
Dirty beat band love!



haha. ok i'm adding your blog. this was brilliant.

Christina Gubalalalala said...

Haha, thanks! Bienvenidos!


hello again! I added you to my affiliated blog list, and was wondering if you'd like to do the same, so we could both expand our readership : ]

its a political pact!

Christina Gubalalalala said...

done and done