Monday, September 21, 2009

Mount Eerie at The Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, 9/20/09

Wind's poem by a
Bard who once whispered ancient
Questions, now shouting.



i saw him tour as the microphones, and so many people seemed really uncomfortable with the intimacy of the music, was he solo?

Christina Gubalalalala said...

It was actually pretty rocking... he had a full band and they played Wind's Poem in its entirety. The songs that are really soft and intimate on the record were played mid-tempo and were, at times, quite triumphant. It was an incredibly moving show, regardless of the need for earplugs.


man, i wish i couldve seen that...the drum tracks are actually what make alot of the songs on the microphones albums, and yet, I've never seen him play with full band, good to know!

Tim said...

There were actually two drummers. Both playing metal style. They even traded off kick drum beats on The Mouth Of Sky making it sound like a double-kick. Awesome show. Thanks for the haiku.