Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fun Fun Fun Fest in Waterloo Park, Austin, TX (Day 1), 11/7/09

Times New Viking

Redeemed by their talented
Sound board engineer.


Phoenix, as fronted
By Mexican MJ and
Slash, with hot dance moves.

Red Sparowes

Smaller setting band
But I could see potential
In some of those sounds

The Sword

DETHKLOK sans Nathan,
Austin homer band held court
For jocund minions

Dead Confederate

Emo lead singer
Awash in a sea of sound
Rendered quite pleasant!

Melt Banana

SARS masks and high speed
Lyric spitting looked fun, but
Also, annoying.


Don't let the wedding
Band look fake you out. They
Seared off faces, son!

Neon Indian

As though divining
The next day's rain, tech trouble
Basically killed the set.


We should have taken
The Madonna songs before
Old shows as warning.


With an angel's voice,
He commanded us as his
Medieval army.

Face to Face

Yeah, I remember
All those songs from my rough high
School days.... what of it?

Jesus Lizard

"This is gonna be
SO GOOD," he assured us, and,
Well, dude didn't lie. :)

*Best set of the night.

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