Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fun Fun Fun Fest in Waterloo Park, Austin, TX (Day 2), 11/8/09

Atlas Sound

The one song we caught
Seemed to dry the rain with it's
Paradise promise

Youth Brigade

Quite well-named, this band,
For the high school boy in me
Drooled at their gumption


And yet evocative, he
Is a puzzling man


Lone ambassador
Of the psyche scene, we welcomed
Her earth/space melding

Mission of Burma

Preface: I love them.
That being said, one couldn't
Tell they were them. Sad.

Buraka Som Sistema

Irritating to
A famous extent, even
Sans half-naked girl

Crystal Castles

As though someone skinned
Two cats and let them fight with
The poor microphone.

Of Montreal

Trannies and Santa
And Ninjas, oh my! More fierce
With every note played.




Shawn said...

Mission of Burma was a disappointment? Don't say it! They were here last week and blew me away! Seconded by my friend Brian, who says when he saw them last year it was the best show of his life.

So please see them somewhere else and don't abandon them forever.

Christina Gubalalalala said...

Oh, trust me. This was a hard haiku to write. I saw Mission of Burma last year for my birthday and they were stunning. When I saw them last weekend, though, it sounded like a different band. I highly doubt that's their fault. It was pouring rain and I am sure the sound was affected.

I am proud of you for defending them :)

Shawn said...

Do you know what they did when I saw them last week? Did they do it for you? I'll have to tell you so we can see. If they had done what they did it could have made a difference. This is what they did: they ended their set with Academy Fight Song. . .okay their set was amazing by the way, the whole set was awesome, and then they ended with their obviously awesome song Academy Fight Song. It was Bob Weston's birthday, fyi. Then we all clapped and cheered and brought them out to play again. Weston played bass, Conley played guitar, and they played Academy Fight Song AGAIN. They played it right after they just played it. I mean sometimes you see a band and they don't play their big songs, but these guys played their biggest song twice. TWICE.

I swear, and I'm being very honest, that my word verification code to send this very comment is kissC. That's no joke. That's obviously Mission of Burma sending you a kiss and an apology and I am just a vessel.

I've gone beyond the call of duty just now. You shouldn't encourage me.

Christina Gubalalalala said...

I'd say you went above and beyond the signal, call and march of duty.